Sky Way Transport Australia gets so many calls enquiring about Sky Way projects in Australia. We wanted to share the following message with you all interested in Sky Way which hopefully answers some of your questions.

As most of you know Sky Way Transport Australia was established to commercialise Sky Way technology in Australia.  Sky Way Transport Australia is no way involved in any investment mechanisms being used to fund the development of the technology.

Sky Way Australia’s Market Deployment and Commercialisation Strategy was focused on achieving financial close on a number of bespoke projects driven by private sector needs valued between $10 million up to $50 million per project, earmarked for delivery in the near term (next 5 years).

Several projects were identified and required venture capital to help incentivise clients take on the risk of building systems that were proposed to become Sky Way’s first real and operating systems in the world. Once a real and operating system was built Sky Way Transport Australia felt confident that it could successfully bid to deliver the technology in commercial arrangements going forward.

Sky Way Investment Group (SWIG) was identified as a suitable partner to help finance Sky Way Transport Australia and in exchange for venture capital would become a shareholder of the company.

The Australian partners of Sky Way Transport Australia have now been advised that Dr Anatoly Yunitsky has entered into arrangements to further develop his Sky Way technology within the United Arab Emirates (UAE). As a result of this arrangement Dr Anatoly has decided to postpone any work within Australia to build and operate a system until such time as he has concluded his UAE commitments.