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About us


About us

About us


The Company

Sky Way Transport Australia was founded in late 2015 after extensive research of the Sky Way technology and consultation with the designers and engineers.  

Co-founders, Rod Hook and Maree Wauchope, were so impressed by Sky Way’s revolutionary approach to rail, they immediately wanted to see Sky Way systems built in Australia.  

They co-own the Australian company with Dr Anatoly Yunitskiy the inventor of Sky Way technology, and Global Transport Inc, Sky Way’s leading Financiers. For more information about the founders click here.

Sky Way Transport Australia is an affiliate of the Sky Way Group of companies, which employs over 100 specialist engineers based in Eastern Europe.  

Sky Way Transport Australia is partnering with a large Australian based engineering company to commission designs in accordance with Australian standards.

Our Founders and Investors

Rod Hook
Rod Hook serves on the Board of Directors and Executive staff.

Rod oversees the technical strategy of the company, and is dedicated to building Australia’s first Sky Way system delivering a game-changer for Australian rail, an industry that hasn’t seen much change for over a century.

He brings to his role a strong reputation for delivery and extensive experience in a wide range of sectors including infrastructure, transport, planning, environment and property services.

Rod is best known for his leadership roles in successfully delivering infrastructure that has changed the way people live, work and do business in South Australia such as South Australia’s major multi-billion Rail Revitalisation Program including rail electrification and tram extensions, three of the South Australia’s major road expressways, the deepening of South Australia’s port, Convention Centre Redevelopments and the famous Adelaide Oval Redevelopment.

Maree Wauchope
Maree Wauchope serves on the Board of Directors and Executive staff.

Maree is the driving force behind the company’s vision and growth strategy and she also manages the day-to-day operations of the company.

Previously, Maree spent over a decade in government serving in management roles in both corporate and delivery arms where she successfully led large teams and multimillion-dollar budgets. She has a proven track record in successfully delivering public works and a reputation for initiating infrastructure projects, including negotiating opportunities for private sector participation.

Maree is a community engagement specialist with years of experience gained from public relations and marketing positions.  

Anatoly Yunitskiy
Dr Anatoly Yunitskiy serves on the Board of Directors.

Dr Anatoly Yunitskiy, a highly respected engineer with a PhD in Civil and Transport Engineering, is the brainchild and driving force behind Sky Way and its major engineering and technical advancements.

He first invented the concept of Sky Way’s elevated high-tensioned structure in 1977 and has since been pioneering the intense research, development and testing to develop the technology for commercialisation.

Dr Anatoly Yunitskiy is an academician of the State Corporation for Space Activities (Federation of Cosmonautics of the USSR) and has received many commendations and awards for his entrepreneurial work in the transport sector.

He is responsible for the delivery of the Sky Way pilot project in Belarus.

Global Transport Inc

Global Transport Inc is a major shareholder and investor in Sky Way Australia.  Further information about Global Transport Inc can be found at its website www.rsw-systems.com.