Sky Way operates on overhead rails fixed to concrete or steel supports. The overhead rails are reinforced with high-tension steel wires or built as elevated truss structures. The rails are placed at optimal height between 3 to 100 metres above the ground, with supports at 50 to 100 metre intervals.

Sky Way’s highly aerodynamic rolling stock is fully automated and offers the most advanced technology in terms of rail safety and propulsion systems. In passenger mode vehicles can be designed to seat between eight and 100 people.

In freight mode Sky Way delivers up to 50 million tonnes per year over a distance of up to 10,000 kms.

The game-changer for Australia is that a Sky Way transport system can be built for much less than conventional heavy rail systems and light rail infrastructure.

Sky Way’s revolutionary technology, coupled with its low relative net construction / operating costs, enhanced safety features and minimal land use impacts redefines the future of rail networks in Australia.