Australia has witnessed rail’s power to stimulate and drive economic growth. In some parts of the Australia rail has been essential for economic diversification and supporting policy, and can be a catalyst for regeneration.

The game-changer for Australia is that a Sky Way transport system can be built for much less than conventional heavy rail systems and light rail infrastructure.

Sky Way’s revolutionary technology, coupled with its low relative net construction/ operating costs, enhanced safety features and minimal land use impacts redefines the future of rail networks in Australia.

Australia’s transport sector makes the greatest contribution to our economy but it also needs the greatest amount of capital investment and reform.  

For example Australia has no high-speed rail services. Its passenger and freight rail networks and infrastructure are based on technology over a century old.  

That is why Sky Way Australia is confident and excited about its future.

Interest has already been expressed by the mining industry in Australia for Sky Way technology to replace existing freight operations and be considered for future projects.

Potential short to mid term uses of Sky Way in South Australia alone range in value from $50 million to $2 billion.  

For companies with genuine interest in partnering with or investing in Sky Way Transport Australia Pty Ltd are encouraged to contact Maree Wauchope on phone 1300 851 726 or email