Urban Sky Way

A mass transit system that can fit harmoniously with the existing built form of communities, with minimal land requirements, reaching speeds of up to 150 km per hour.

Stations can be designed standalone or can form part of a building, and can be elevated or at ground level.

The main structure can be built off-site and quickly assembled at the construction site. Its overhead configuration allows it to be built and operate with minimal impacts on traffic flows and parking at ground level.

High Speed Sky Way

A high-speed mass transit system offering speeds of up to 500 km per hour with flexibility to be built over Australia’s most sensitive and challenging terrain.

Terminals at each end of the system can be large or small and be built as part of the existing transport infrastructure of our major cities. The solution provides a competitive alternative to domestic air-travel and can also carry freight.

Freight Sky Way

A receptive and responsive freight system that can be designed to be fit-for-purpose.

The system is capable of both loading and unloading whilst in motion – similar to a conveyor belt. It can transfer cargo of up to 10 tonnes per vehicle with an overall transport volume of up to 50 million tonnes per year over distances up to 10,000 kilometres.

The system can be constructed to deliver cargo directly to a ship moored off shore in 30 metres of water, avoiding the expense of building new deep water ports.